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Finest on the market

Finest on the market

For Bill Wertz & Sons, it’s a point of pride: by using only the finest products on the market, we make an active effort to protect your investment. It’s no good putting in a pool, spending vast sums of money, watching your friend’s and family’s excitement build, and hoping the weather and general wear and tear won’t get to it. It will. And if inferior products have been used in the installation process, it will undermine the integrity of one of your biggest investments, not to mention a great source of joy.

With Bill Wertz & Sons you can rest assured, we rely on only the finest, enduring materials. As such, we are proud carriers of the following products and features:

  • An Assortment of 80 Pool Sizes and Shapes by Fox Pool, founded in 1957
  • Fortified Structure and Added Reliability with X-Brace™ Technology by Fox Pool
  • In-Pool Lounge Center with Buddy Seat® by Fox Pool
  • Anti-Corrosion System with FoxGard® by Fox Pool
  • Automatic Control System with Fox Smart™ by Fox Pool
  • LED Lighting, perfect for entertaining night swimmers!
  • Automatic In-Floor Cleaning by Paramount Vanquish
  • Quality Pool Care Products from Synergy, Pool Brite, Aqua Silk
  • Custom-Fit, Long-Lasting Pool Liners by Loop Loc™
  • Child Safety Intrusion Barriers by Loop Loc™
  • Expertly Installed, Customized Fencing by Ideal Aluminum
  • Heat Pump by Heat Siphon®

Bill Wertz & Sons have the collective knowledge and expertise to effectively advise you on all your pool product needs.

In 70 years of service, our most gratifying point of distinction is in our ability to meet our customers’ expectations.

In our view, your family’s enjoyment and enduring satisfaction are, by far, the most important measures of success, and our work to date has become a living testimony to that conviction.