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Bill Wertz & Sons Inc.

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Proudly serving the community for 80 years

Founded in 1940, Bill Wertz & Sons have built a name and reputation around a very simple principle: give the Central Pennsylvania homeowner a look that’s worthy of all the work that went into earning their home in the first place, and a mutually beneficial relationship will follow.

We’re happy to report that it has.

Quality, integrity, and lasting beauty—these have always been at the forefront of Bill Wertz & Sons’ work.

In all likelihood, you’re already familiar with some of the work.

Our customers are your friends and neighbors (you know the ones: they’re the ones with the most beautiful, worry-free swimming pools throughout all Altoona).

Ultimately, what’s important is that we select a style and design that accommodates your family’s needs while at the same time being able to assure good use for many years to come. To that end, we’re a unique business in this industry. Our success rests on the strength of referrals and word-of-mouth, and that’s been a winning strategy (for over 70 years in our case—longer than any other family-owned swimming pool construction company in all of Blair County).

Bill Wertz & Sons have the collective knowledge and expertise that’s required to handle the most complex projects.

And while a pool adds unquestionable value to your home, you might find the monetary benefits aren’t even the greatest gains: there’s nothing quite like a pool for family fun, intimacy, and relaxation.

A pool anchors so much of your time together.

As a center of activity, it’s imperative that the foundation is properly rendered and that only the finest products are used. Craftsmanship, as you’d imagine, is an important part of the process.

At Wertz & Sons, these are considerations we take seriously.

In 80 years of service, our most gratifying point of distinction is in our ability to meet our customers’ expectations.

In our view, your family’s enjoyment and enduring satisfaction are, by far, the most important measures of success, and our work to date has become a living testimony to that conviction.

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